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Photo of Diviner Freya Ingva, dowser and tea leaf reader

Freya Ingva wishes to bring divining into modern times, making it a popular and reputable modality, used and accessible to all.

Her biggest desire is to help people trust and understand their abilities, guiding them into this process of recognition. Freya can work with you in person or remotely.


Freya has been using her intuition and guidance system since childhood. After a time of denial, she decided to explore what was truly happening in her life, allowing her to name experiences and understand their message.


She is fortunate enough to have met and studied with many masters of our times in the field of dowsing, psychic studies, shamanism, mediumship, healing, personal development, and more.


Among her various practices, she trained in a range of subjects and volunteered for many years at the College of Psychic Studies. She has won a number of awards, appearing in the media.

She is dedicated to helping out in her community and worldwide


Thank you Freya, your dowsing helped me getting clarity about the house I was thinking of renting. Your reading, done with only the address, was fitting perfectly, intriguing, and it provided the extra data I needed to make the decision.

~ Mike, London

The tea leaf reading session with Freya was insightful, interesting and informative ... If there is another tea leaf reading session, I will definitely go for it again. If you are a tea lover or a drinker, you must give Freya's tea session a try. I strongly recommend it. Thank you, Freya for being a beautiful soul. I really had a great time.

~ Abigail, London 

I am very grateful for the discovery of my food sensitivity and poor iron absorption ... Now I know what to eat and do to feel better, look better and have more energy.

~ Helen, London

Amazing ahaa moment!!! Why I never heard of this fantastic dowsing before! Please teach me! A thousand thanks.

~ RP, Rome

This was a great experience! I never tried it before. I got so many personal insight. I'd recommend everyone to this (Tea Leaf Reading).

~ Sussanne Wexø, Copenhagen

Wow! This is amazingly accurate (remote dowsing session).

~ Elisabeth, France

Your tea leaf reading added greater clarity to my decision.

~ Donna, London

I don't know how you could tell so many things with your pendulum and not being here. Your report was spot on.

~ Michael, Norfolk

Thank you for divining for my office. It all makes sense now.

~ TH, London

Your answers were more relevant and accurate than I am happy to admit... I do not believe in any hocus-pocus, but I know you could not have known what you emailed me (remote dowsing session).

~ Philippa, Surrey

I eagerly wait every day to read your daily oracle. It helps in navigating the day.

~ Pankaj, India

I use your oracle as a compass for my day to get the best out of it.

~ Carine, London

Thank you for the lovely tea leaf reading Freya. I enjoyed it very much.

~ Karen, London


Grow Your Idea

May to June 2021 & March to April 2022, The Mill

The Grow Your Idea grant is offered as part of a wider programme aimed at engaging people with innovative projects.

Freya designed a course on how to enhance the experience of Earth energy and harness their guidance through dowsing. The series of workshops was delivered outdoors in the Lea Valley Park in London, respecting all the government guidelines in place at the time


St James Street Big Local - Covid-19 Support Grant

December 2020

The offer of an extra support grant due to Covid-19, once secured made it possible to run five free workshops for mature residents.

They had the opportunity of meeting, socialise, and learn something new. The series Tune In To Yourself was specially designed to accommodate their requirements.

Innovating for Growth Mentorship: British Library - Business & IP Centre
From December 2019, British Library

Freya Ingva was one of only 15 businesses selected for this high-profile mentorship programme.
As a mentee, she associated with a successful businessman and qualified mentor. His support was instrumental in informing and developing fresh directions during the coronavirus pandemic. This helped to shape new growth and led her business to new heights

UnLtd Try It Award
Nov 2019, UnLtd
An award dedicated to hosting afternoon teas with optional tea leaf readings for people in their later years residing in the London Borough of Enfield.
This series of community events helps to provide a pleasant, social context to meet peers and forge new friendships, encouraging participants to attend regularly. Thanks to T2 for the teas


William Morris Big Local Community Chest Grant
Aug 2019, William Morris Big Local Trust
The grant allowed the offer of a free afternoon tea with tea leaf reading in Lloyd Park, London E17, exclusively for the elderly.
The event was designed to attract the under-represented group of mature residents, offering them a unique social experience, one they may have witnessed as children when tea leaf reading was a common practice, and a warm means to socialise with peers. Thanks to T2 for the teas


Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs
From May 2019 - European Commission
The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme provided selected startups with the skills and practice necessary to trade successfully in Europe.
Freya Ingva was awarded a five-month mobility grant to hone her skills in Copenhagen. At the same time, she successfully exported the British tradition of Tea Leaf Reading, gaining a new audience


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