Freya Ingva wishes to bring divining into modern times, making it a popular and reputable modality, used and accessible to all.

Her biggest desire is to help people trust and understand their abilities, guiding them into this process of recognition. Freya can work with you in person or remotely.


Freya has been using her intuition and guidance system since childhood. After a time of denial, she decided to explore what was truly happening in her life, allowing her to name experiences and understand their message.


She is fortunate enough to have met and studied with many masters of our times in the field of dowsing, psychic studies, shamanism, mediumship, healing, personal development, and more.


Among her various practices, she trained in a range of subjects and volunteered for many years at the College of Psychic Studies. She has won a number of awards and grants for her services.

Thank you Freya, your dowsing helped me getting clarity about the house I was thinking of renting. Your reading, done with only the address, was fitting perfectly, intriguing, and it provided the extra data I needed to make the decision.

~ Mike, London

Amazing ahaa moment!!! Why I never heard of this fantastic dowsing before! Please teach me! A thousand thanks.

~ RP, Rome

This was a great experience! I never tried it before. I got so many personal insight. I'd recommend everyone to this.

~ Sussanne Wexø, Copenhagen

I am very grateful for the discovery of my food sensitivity and poor iron absorption ... Now I know what to eat and do to feel better, look better and have more energy.

~ Helen, London

Wow! This is amazingly accurate (remote dowsing session).

~ Elisabeth, France

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