Buying, selling or renting guidance                


Price on request – starting from £80

Freya can help you with finding the best property and/or way for you to sell, buy or rent a property, land, car, boat and more

 Property clearing visit  


Price on request – starting from £350 + travel expenses

Discover and optimise the energies of your home or any other of your spaces.  Address any geopathic stress or other disturbances for your wellbeing and serenity 

Dowse for any personal questions - 15 min     

£15 in person, on Skype, email, or by telephone

Dowse for any personal questions - 30 min     

£30 in person, on Skype, email, or by telephone

Dowse for any personal questions - 60 min     

£55 in person, on Skype, email, or by telephone

Sessions in person may incur a supplementary fee for space hiring and travel expenses

Dowsing for a lost object      


Price on request - starting from £100

Please provide as many information as you can regarding the object in question (photos, history, drawings, a sample or piece of it, a detailed description)

Crystals and gemstones energy cleansing


Price depending on quantity + travel expenses

This service is provided only at the client premises, under their direct supervision and with a mutually signed list of pieces present in the room at the beginning and departure

Tasseography - Tea Leaf Reading


Price depending on number of participants + travel expenses

Private and group sessions are available to be booked in advance. Sessions can be held in a private space, tea room or suitably quiet cafe. A selection of high quality, loose leaf teas is usually provided.

The service includes only the reading and the loose tea leaves used for the session

~   Please get in touch with your requests for personalised service   ~

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