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How does dowsing work?

Nobody knows exactly. There are various theories, spanning from the strict scientific to the most outlandish. The good news is they are all trying to explain how it works, simply because it does!


How can divining help me?

As it provides deep insights, answers, directions from dimensions beyond our five senses, you will be best guided in all your decisions.

Divining has consistently provided solutions to humankind since its beginning. It is not any different now. In fact, at these turbulent times, we need more support than ever to make the right choice for us


What can I ask Freya to dowse? 

Anything you may need to receive answers and guidance for. 

For instance, she can help you with properties (renting/selling/buying, clearing), career change, relationship uncertainty, transport, holidays, energetic cleansing of crystals and gemstones, and so much more.

Freya also created different sessions, starting from 15-minute, to help you with the little, but important, everyday decisions that have long term impact


Why should I ask Freya to dowse? 

If you wish to receive the best and most helpful answers, address your challenges, and guide your choices towards achieving your personal aims, Freya is happy to serve you


What guarantee do I have on Freya services?

Freya Ingva abides by the code of Ethical Conduct for Dowsers on the Professional Register of The British Society Of Dowsers (, of which she is a member. Further, she uses divining in her own life and has many successful years of experience in the field


How are the sessions conducted?

Sessions can be held in person or remotely on Zoom, Skype, via email, by phone, or by post.

Please note that sessions in person may incur a supplementary fee for space hire and travel expenses. Please email your enquiry for details to


Are there discounted rates? 

Please follow Freya Ingva on social media and subscribe to her newsletter for occasional special offers. Exceptional circumstances may be taken into account when a session is requested


Can anybody learn how to dowse?

Almost anybody can easily learn and enjoy dowsing. It is so extremely rare someone cannot dowse, that it is not even a statistic. However, practice is required to become proficient


What if I have more questions?

Please feel free to email

Divining and dowsing in winter with snow, perfect time for psychic, dream, energy work
Mountain covered in snow as dowsing and divining peak of earth energies
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