Coronavirus update

In line with current government advice, small parties, private sessions, and workshops for small groups are now available. Bookings are being taken for future events as well. Adhering to social distancing, plus the other recommended stances are considered compulsory for any type of event to contribute to the wellbeing of all participants.

There is no change to my remote dowsing and oracle sessions; you are welcomed to book a session on Zoom, Skype, telephone, or by email.

Some digital events are still available (see below).

Thank you for your support during these challenging times.

Meet the Diviner, Digital Edition
Everything you always wanted to know about dowsing but were afraid to ask!
Liberating, freeing, and informative, the digital edition of Meet the Diviner open its doors to a worldwide audience.
Satisfy your curiosity asking any questions about the ancient tool of dowsing to Freya, who will answer live. Feel free to email her your questions in advance.
Book now on Eventbrite or TicketLab. You will receive the details to connect on Zoom later in a separate email.
Tea Wisdom, Digitalk

Freya Ingva presents an introduction to tea drinking traditions from around the world.


The interactive talk will leave enough time for questions. You are invited to email your questions when you book.


Limited availability.

Book now on Eventbrite or TicketLab. You will receive the details to connect on Zoom in a separate email.
Oracles, Digitalk

Have you ever used an oracle? Would you like to know more?


In this introduction, Freya presents and defines what an oracle is, providing examples from her own experience.

She will explain how she works, particularly referring to the free daily oracle she publishes on social media. Visit her account and follow/like if you haven’t already!


The introduction will last about 15 minutes and will be followed by the live Q&A.


Please email your questions for the Q&A to Freya when you book. She will strive to incorporate the answers in her talk or address them directly in the second part of the event.


Limited availability.

Book now on Eventbrite or TicketLab. Later, you will receive a separate email with the Zoom details.
Swing Your Pendulum Online
An online meeting for aspiring or fully-fledged dowsers to discuss the fine point of dowsing, styles, projects, favourite tools, and more.
Freya will facilitate and take part in the conversation.
Book on  Eventbrite  or TicketLab. You will receive a separate email with the Zoom details to connect.
Experience the Art of Tea Leaf Reading
Tuesday, 6 October 2020          15:00 - 17.30
Verde e a Capo
Via Sabotino 6r, 16156 Genoa, Italy
Scrumptious afternoon tea with scones, mini apple tarts, finger sandwiches, and freshly baked biscuits awaits you. A selection of excellent loose-leaf teas will be introduced and you will be able to choose your favourite to taste in this welcoming green oasis by the sea.
Enjoy the delicious afternoon tea and the unique experience. Freya will guide you on how to handle the fine china teacup and will read your cup at the end.
Social distancing and other measures are in place, as prescribed by the local authority, against covid-19 and all guests are required to abide by it. 
The event is in Italian and English.
Booking in advance required ringing the venue on +39 010 698 1345. 
Following the impact of the pandemic, live events are now starting again while adhering to government guidelines.
Please get in touch if you wish to book an afternoon tea with tea leaf reading at your place or at a venue for a limited number of guests.
The event can be for a group; a 1-2-1; or any type of celebration involving tea, like a hen or birthday party, a reunion, etc
Halloween and New Year's bookings are being taken.
Freya's live events and workshops are starting again with due caution. Some digital events are also available.
Remember, she can successfully dowse for you remotely, helping you with the answers you need for a successful and smoother life.

For enquiries or booking please email

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