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Meet the Diviner, Digital Edition

Everything you always wanted to know about dowsing but were afraid to ask!
Liberating, freeing, and informative, the digital edition of Meet the Diviner open its doors to a worldwide audience.
Satisfy your curiosity by asking questions about the ancient tool of dowsing to Freya, who will answer live.
Book now on Eventbrite or TicketLab. You will receive the details to connect on Zoom later in a separate email.

Tea Wisdom, Digitalk
Freya leading a dowsing workshop

Freya Ingva presents an introduction to tea wisdom and how to access it through tea leaf reading.


This interactive talk on Zoom will offer space for questions.

Whether you want to learn more about this fascinating tradition or simply are inquisitive about how it works, book your place now.

Book now on Eventbrite or TicketLab. A separate email, with your Zoom details, will be sent after booking.
Oracles, Digitalk

Have you ever used an oracle? Would you like to know more?

In this introduction, Freya presents and defines what an oracle is, providing examples from her own experience.

She will explain how she works, particularly referring to the long-established oracle guidance she publishes on social media. Visit her account and follow/like if you haven’t already!

Book now on Eventbrite or TicketLab. A separate email with your Zoom details will be sent later.
Swing Your Pendulum Online


An online meeting for aspiring or fully-fledged dowsers to discuss the fine points of dowsing, styles, projects, favourite tools, and more.

Freya will facilitate and take part in the conversation.

Book on Eventbrite or TicketLab. You will receive a separate email with the Zoom details to connect.

Experience the Art of Tea Leaf Reading
Ball to see the future
Dreamy teacup

Book in advance for events, such as a hen party, afternoon tea, a birthday party, a reunion, and so on.
Get in touch for more information now.

For enquiries or booking please email

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