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7 Tools to Stop Fear Weakening Your Immune System

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Friday with Freya

Fear weakens your immune system

Fear is an innate emotion meant to protect us from a perceived threat. It prepares us for the fight-or-flight response in seconds. This is a great survival mechanism for certain situations, but if you live under constant fear your physical and mental health can quickly deteriorate.

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Take any of these 7 actions to increase your wellbeing and a sense of personal control:


This breathing exercise is calming and relaxing. While in a comfortable position (sitting, standing, lying down), inhale through your nose for 4 counts. Exhale through your nose for 4 counts. Repeat.


Meditation is relaxing, calming, brings clarity and many more benefits.

Try different styles of meditation to find the one more suited to you, from walking to chanting, from sitting to guided, etc…

Practice mindfulness

Pay attention to how you feel, your actions and reactions to your surroundings. Focus on the activity at hand, for instance, if you are eating, do not watch TV or scroll through your phone, enjoy your food.

Explore apps like The Mindfulness App; Aura


A practice which requires a quiet expectation and rewards you with a deep sense of fulfilment.


Reflect, analyse, clarify your life through this simple but extremely powerful tool. Personal writing on your day, feelings, or plans is authentic, it unleashes your potential, and opens up your mind.

If you are averse to pen and paper, there are digital options.

Shift your focus to positive emotions

As you start feeling fearful, shift your thoughts to a pleasant memory (meeting a loved one, a book you enjoyed, a completed DIY project, etc) or a future plan (travelling, new recipe to cook, visiting a famous spot, etc).


Imagine or daydream about your beautiful day or weeks ahead. Make a space to review and create, mentally and in details, your best life and views of the world. This being a tool to create your future, be careful what you visualise!

It's important you are proactive with your choices. You have power!

Now, sit back, relax and drink a cup of chamomile, mint, ginger tea, Tulsi tea, or green tea, which incidentally are all proven to boost our immune system too.

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