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Feeling Earth's Energy

Energy. Perhaps something you would like more of?

We require energy to live and function. We are not the only ones: everything requires energy.

How about our planet Gaia or the Earth?

Most of the energy comes from the Sun, and the rest comes from internal heating.

In short, energy is the power to do or produce change, know something and elaborate. It is a necessary and very basic block to getting started with anything.

Interestingly, potential energy is energy that is stored, it can be accessed anytime and used later. That is the type of energy we want to tap into as it is often charged with data.

It is said that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transmuted.

So, how can we start connecting and feeling the link with the Earth? And get more energetic?

Nothing could be simpler and I am sure you are already doing it:

  • Be fully present;

  • Feel connected to the Earth through your body;

  • Follow your instinct.

Let me give you six ideas to explore more mindfully this life-supportive practice:

1) The easiest and most obvious idea is staying out in the sun. Enjoying natural sunlight, without excessive sun exposure, has many benefits for our body, not only it re-energizes us but also provides vitamin D, boosts the feel-good hormone serotonin, relieves stress, and many more.

2) Walking barefoot on the Earth is healing, grounding, reduces stress and inflammation, and will help increase our sensitivity. You will learn to experience the electromagnetic energy the Earth emits and be more in tune with it easily.

3) Rolling around on the Earth is a feel-good and fun activity to do. This will ground you and at the same time discharge negative energy. In short, this is not only playing, but it does help the physical body get rid of unhealthy energies.

4) Having fresh flowers and/or grow plants, both outside and indoor, to have Nature close by. Tending the garden is a wonderful and refreshing experience. Creating a window box is also exciting. Not to mention how lovely it is to receive a bouquet of flowers.

Watching a plant grow and bloom is akin to feeling like a proud parent.

5) If you have the chance, watching the wildlife in your area, safely, is also a great way to connect with Nature. Simply being present and paying attention to the needs and life rhythms of a squirrel, for instance, can renew purpose and relieve stress.

Studies proved that even watching wildlife documentaries produce the same effect.

6) Tree hugging or sitting against the trunk of a tree, are wonderful ways to slow down and connect deeply with our planet. Take your time to feel the tree and how it welcomes you. To fully benefit, you will need to spend more time with the tree as their life energy is ‘slower’ than ours.

When dealing with Gaia treat her like a good friend - showing love, respect, and care - and she will do likewise. Her wellbeing is closely related to ours.

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