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Five Things You Need To Know About Dowsing

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

The ancient tool of dowsing is still proving itself useful thanks to its extreme flexibility. It is a true evergreen, open to all needs and questions. 

Is this the right present for your beloved? Dowse. Forgot your pin? Dowse. Confused by directions? Dowse.

If you want to ask me questions live about dowsing, sign up now for my online events here.

Now, I promised to answer five basic questions about dowsing, so let’s start.

What is dowsing?

The definition I use is 'Dowsing is the search for that which is hidden from view or knowledge’.

I think in its broadness it explains pretty clearly what dowsing is, does, and what it can reveal. It points to a discovery, a relevant piece of information, a needed answer.

Simply put, dowsing is an ancient tool that allows you to tap into the energy of all there is and get the answers you need. It has served humanity through the ages: to find water in the desert, get clear directions to get out of sticky situations, detect metals, locate landmines, retrieve lost objects, and much more.

It is a holistic and totally natural way of working with energies.

Can anybody dowse?

We are all born with an inner sense of knowledge and abilities going beyond the physical world. First, we need to listen, then trust and develop this strength.

You surely have experienced not liking and choosing to sit on a seat for no particular reason. Or, experiencing an inexplicable sense of deja vu.

Dowsing is no different. It is easy to learn and requires some practise to hone skills and yield better results.

What can I dowse for?

Anything! This is the absolute beauty of dowsing.

You can use dowsing for anything that relates to you, from wellbeing to career, from love to shopping, from travel to properties, and much much more.

Would you like to know if you need to take an umbrella today not to get wet? What time to leave to reach the train station on time? Which is the right shampoo for your hair? Which food compound is bloating your stomach? 

Can I dowse for myself?

When it comes to dowsing for oneself, it is important to remember that we are energy. We tap into the flow and receive the answer. 

Nothing could be simpler! Or is it?

It is, you go with the flow but stay out of it at the same time. Dowsing is a very practical and experiential tool, words cannot do it justice.

One word of advice: if you feel too deeply invested in a question, you may want another dowser to get the answer for you. 

What do I use to dowse?

The traditional and widely recognised tools are pendulum, L-rods, Y-rod. Plus, a choice of bobbers.


Personally, I define a #pendulum as a weight hung from a fixed point so that it can swing freely.

It can be made of any materials: crystals are favourite, wood, metal, glass, and so on.


Literally, two L-shaped pieces of metal to be held loosely, so they can swing and spin, by their shortest side. Depending on what you are doing, it can help using one only.

Y-Rod Traditionally, a Y-shaped branch of hazelwood. Where the tips of the V side are held in each hand and meant to spring up or down. Nowadays, you can find Y-rods of different sizes and materials, including plastic.


A #bobber, or dowsing wand, is usually made up of a handle, a flexible and bouncy wire, and a cap to weight the end tip.

Some of these tools are often highly personalised and may be eccentric-looking, but they work, so why not?

With practice, you will realise that a tool suits certain tasks better than others. Experiment and find the one you best resonate with. It will be a joy to dowse every time you pick up your favourite tool. 

#Dowsing is an open-ended practice and a fantastic modality, retrieving answers straight from the energy field and presenting them to your consciousness.

If you have questions that need answers I am at your service with my remote dowsing.

Join my online events if you have questions about dowsing (Meet the Diviner, Digital Edition), or want to improve your dowsing or are already a pro (Swing your Pendulum Online).

Email me to sign up now and read more about dowsing on Friday with Freya

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