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What if I knew the right answer for me?

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Friday with Freya

Imagine you consciously and consistently knew what the best choices for you are.

Imagine you knew if the shampoo you are buying is the right one for your hair, unrelated to advertising and price. Imagine you knew which bread is not an irritant to your digestive system. Imagine you knew which estate agent to approach who could help you right away and on your terms. Imagine you knew which direction to take in life.

All this is possible, here and now. Ever heard of dowsing? Surely you did, perhaps without realising it.

There are countless reports in all ancient literature of someone who could find water in the desert or knew the direction to bring people to safety. Usually, they had a special staff to help them: to strike a rock or to help them along the way. Sounds familiar now?

Photo by Freya Ingva©

As a professional dowser, the way I work is holistic, organic, and purely based on energy. I tune in to the energy relating to the question and allow it to provide the answer.

Depending on the issue at hand, I ask a series of relevant questions to build comprehensive guidance.

Let’s go back to our shampoo. Initially, I could ask if product A is the right shampoo for strengthening the hair of Madame X or to be be shown the right product from a list, perhaps within a certain price bracket. Also, I can verify if this will need to be reassessed soon, or if the product is good in the long run, or for how long it should be used to get visible results. Will it offer better results paired with its own brand conditioner? And so on.

As you can appreciate the number of relevant questions can vary and it very much depends on the initial query and the results one expects.

This can be applied to any doubts you may have, from career to travelling, from real estate to beauty, from relationships to wellbeing, and more.

The definition I use is ‘Divining, as in dowsing, is the search for that which is hidden from view or knowledge’.

By the way, you can still tap into the energy of hidden water if you wish!

Questions? Take advantage of my Meet the Diviner - Digital Edition online event.

I will be live on Zoom for a few Q&A session about this holistic, natural, and extraordinary tool.

Book here and remember to send me your questions about dowsing, so I can address them in the session.

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